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There are some important things to consider when preparing for your charter. We want to ensure that your trip is enjoyable for the entire group. The two most important things to consider are the sun and motion sickness.

Sunscreen is very important. Many people do not consider the intensity of the sun when offshore. Not only is the sun coming directly down to you, but it is also reflecting off the water and decks of most boats. Although our boats do provide comfortable cabins to get in from the sun, we recommend that you generously apply sunscreen to all skin that will be exposed to the sun, and also to remember to re-apply it throughout the day. Plus, if you are in the cabin YOU AREN"T FISHING! Some type of hat is also helpfull from minimizing your exposure to the sun. Sunglasses with polarized lenses are also very helpfull for minimizing the glare from the water's surface.

Now lets talk about motion sickness. Motion Sickness is nothing to be embarrassed about. It can spoil your trip and the trip for other people on board. We do not provide medication. If you are slightly susceptible to motion sickness, we recommend you consider some kind of remedy. Our family has found that using an over the counter medicine like Dramamine or Bonine and taking one dose before bed time and then one more dose in the morning when you wake up is very effective.

Dress comfortably. Shoes with good traction can make all the difference in catching that big fish. Please wear light (or white) soled shoes though. Dark soled shoes can leave marks on the deck which are very difficult to remove.

Don't Forget to pack some snacks or a light lunch for the day. Many of our clients have found that fried chicken is perfect on the high seas. Not only is it still tasty when its cold, but it doesn't seem to get as soggy as other snacks. Bring plenty of drinks. We always recommend that you bring bottled water. Alcohol is permitted on our boats, but please drink responsibly. We recommend that you bring a cooler(s) to take your fish home. We will be more than happy to give you any ice that we have left over after the trip to help keep the fish cold on the way home. Please keep carry on's to the boat at a minimum. One or two small-medium coolers are OK.

Keep an eye on weather conditions leading to the day of the trip. We do. The Captain will generally know up to 2 days before the trip if the weather conditions will be suitable for your trip. We don't fish in rough seas. We're just not that mad at the fish anymore. Not only do we not want to beat you up in rough seas, we don't want to beat up our boats and equipment either.

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions or need further information
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